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"Sach Solutions Inc." is a fast growing tech support and PC security company based in San Jose. We are committed to addressing day to day technology challenges faced by common PC users. Our certified tech professionals are round the clock busy troubleshooting computer issues and making life easier for people and businesses.

Our trained and certified professionals provide remote tech support all over the globe. They have a high degree of expertise in this domain, so you can trust them completely to get your PCs fixed.

You can avail one year support for one computer at just $169.99

Sach Solutions Inc is an independent provider of online technical support for variety of third party products, brands and companies. Sach Solutions Inc is non-affiliated with any third party brands, product or company, Sach Solutions Inc is completely independent company and does not hold have any affiliation with any third party company for example computer manufactures, antivirus companies etc any logos used for such third party brand is only for reference purpose. Sach Solutions Inc disclaims any kind of affiliation with any other company. We are a completely independent company.

Our Plans

How It Works

Just call Sach Solutions Inc., anytime 24x7, and we'll help you fix your technical issues. We use latest technology that allows our technical experts to establish a safe connection with your computer over the internet. We use remote access software that first seeks your permission to fix your computer issues, while you relax in your chair and watch the entire procedure.

In case of an absence of Internet connectivity, our technicians will take you through the troubleshooting steps over the phone. There is absolutely no need to worry about your privacy or security as all remote connections that we establish with your computer are fully secure and can only be initiated by you.

Give us a call today and get your issues resolved in real-time!

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